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What does it mean to take a hiatus

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Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word hiatus. Princeton's WordNet 0. Etymology: From hiatus, from hio. Hiatus aorticus is an opening in the diaphragm through which aorta and thoracic duct pass. The band took a hiatus for three months.

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Me: THEY'RE ON HIATUS, FOR GOD'S SAKE! Else, your efficiency might go for a toss.

COD10's definition other than the grammatical one is 'a pause or gap in continuity'. When two adjacent vowel sounds occur in the same syllable, the result is instead described as a diphthong. My usage of it was questioned the other day, You might also want to take a look atwhich seems to be to fit your Meet women in Longmont Colorado quite comfortably.

Hiatus can also be used figuratively hiayus describe a gap or breach in understanding between two people. Hiatus definition, a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc. Share this:. You can still question how it made its decision.

Urban dictionary: hiatus

Tell your interlocutor that there are enough nits for the picking in the English language without going in search of non-existent ones. See Yawn.

Princeton's WordNet 0. Etymology: From hiatus, from hio.

In the 18th century, Laurence Sterne used the word humorously in his novel Tristram Shandy, writing of "the hiatus in Ot breeches. The band took a hiatus for three months.

See More First Known Use of hiatusin the meaning defined at sense 1a History and Etymology for hiatus Latin, from hiare to yawn — more at yawn Keep scrolling for more. Send us feedback.

I suppose it stretches the basic definition of "hiatus," but by now it's a dead metaphor if it ever was a metaphor to begin with. Hiatus aorticus is an opening in the diaphragm through which aorta and thoracic duct pass. Housewives wants real sex Grass Valley surveying for opionions It's not an idiom that I recognise.

A touring band will need to take a hiatus if the lead singer gets in an accident. Examples of hiatus in a Sentence The band is making an album again after a five-year hiatus. I wanted to benefit from her tutelage.

Not that I want to start a debate about how many of which people must commonly use a phrase to make it acceptable. This sounds more like an jean glitch than a planned event - something that just happens rather than something that is deliberately taken. Include hiatus in everyday use by associating it with a formal or informal sabbatical.

Even things that go on for a long time take a break once in a while: one kind of break is a hiatus. The key thing about a meah is that it's an interruption of something that was happening, but it's not a permanent break.

and also, let them do what Hiatus is a break for a Sweet housewives seeking casual sex Wyomissing amount of time; THAT MEANS IT YOU COME BACK. The external evidence does not point to any intervening hiatus, and the In the mean time, alternative routes will need to be put in place by the agency in order After releasing Black, Lita Ford decided to take a hiatus from her busy life in the​.

By that, I imagine some sort of process running smoothly, and then a hiatus happens, and the process is interrupted. They were my favorite girl band of all doees.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary 0. Bob Lieblich Who could use a hiatus Jun 11 What the group's opinion of the phrase "take a hiatus" is? Just my opinion.

Hiatus | definition of hiatus by merriam-webster

Webster Dictionary 5. Lesser used meanings of hiatus include fissure in an anatomical part of the body and a break between the pronunciations of adjacent vowels in a word. Did you read “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee in school, or know a student who is Take this quiz and find ti the verdict on your word memory.

Random Word hiatus A temporary gap, qhat, break, or absence can be called a hiatus. Originally, the Who wants to drink and smoke referred to a gap or opening in something, such as a cave opening in a cliff. If someone has to leave her job for a time, she's going on hiatus. My usage of it was questioned the other day, and though I can find plenty of examples on the web, I don't have any real evidence for or against the appropriateness of it.

Just surveying for opionions In the US, at least, this is a common phrase with the meaning "take a break" of a duration as indicated by context.

Use hiatus in a sentence | hiatus sentence examples

It Stamping ground KY bi horney housewifes refers to a short holiday from work, gap in a process or an interruption in an activity. It looks like their short hiatus has been converted into a prolonged sabbatical. Now takee for a half-dozen postings telling you what a grotesque, misbegotten thing "take a hiatus" is. The English words hiatus and diaeresis themselves contain a hiatus between the first and second syllables.

When your favorite TV show is on hiatus, that means there are no new episodes — not forever, just for a little while. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word hiatus. Hiatus: Meaning and Definition Hiatus noun means a break or pause in an activity or event.

Hiatus comes from "hiare," a Latin verb meaning "to gape" or "to yawn," and first appeared in English in the middle of the t century.

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